2nd Tsunami Field Symposium

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Puglia is located in the center of Mediterranean; it is the southeasternmost region of Italy and stretches between the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas. It has always been an ideal region for human settlement and a zone of commercial and cultural exchange because of its geographic position, its gently landscape and particularly pleasant climate.
Seat of populations which reached the highest levels of civilaziont since earliest times, its prehistory is a cornerstone for studies on the more recent paleolithic Mediterranean and European civilizations.

Easily accessible by land or by sea, it was inhabited in the historical period by the Illyrian populations of Japigi, Dauni, Peuceti and Messapi, was the site of numerous Greek colonies, was a Roman territory, an ally of Hannibal against Rome, was included by Augustus in the "Apulia et Calabria" region.
Puglia suffered barbarian invasions, passed under the domination of Byzantium, obtained a certain indipendence with the advent of the Longobards and subsequent Frankish domination.
Exposed to Saracen raids, it was colonized in the 11th century by Normans who made it a principality. It was part of the Reign of Sicily, the Reign of Naples, and the Reign of the Two Sicilies prior to Italian unity.

The contact with such different ethnic groups and cultures has strewn the Puglia territory with archaeological finds, castles, towers, cathedrals, urban and rural buildings and other monuments built in a vast range of styles. Puglia is far from the main touristic flows offering to the visitor pleasant climate, astonishing landscapes, limpid sea, beautiful beaches and superb food.

some pictures of Ostuni (Brindisi)


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